Thursday, 15 January 2015

Year 6- Making Pac-Man in Kodu.

In computing we are making a Pac-man themed game using Kodu. Last week we played the game and evaluated it and worked out what we need to make the game: Ghosts, Pac-Man, fruit, power-ups and dots for him to eat. This week we started making the maze.

year 3 - An introduction to coding

In year 3 in computing we have learnt about debugging. Some that  goes wrong you can sort it by
debugging. We had fun last week when our teacher pretended to be a robot- we wrote the instructions and had to try to get him to make a jam sandwich successfully- it is quite hard!

year 5- Kodu

In year 5 we are learning how to make a game on a program called Kodu Game Lab. We are beginning with the basic controls but are hoping to make quite complex games!

Year 4- Scratch (sound Machine)

In year 4 in computing we are learning how to make a sound machine on a program called Scratch.