Friday, 12 December 2014

YR4 Wrapping Paper

Year 4 have been creating Christmas wrapping paper in ICT and Computing. We have been using the program which is similar to phtoshop. Firstly we drew a simple christmas picture, then shrunk it down, repeated it, and finally printed it on A3. Take a look at the gallery below to view our wrapping papers.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Trashion Show - Year 6.

For our homework, we had to collect Trash. (Cans, Bin bags, Wrappers, Bottles and lots more.) So on Tuesday we could make some cool outfits, like Dresses, Tops, Skirts and Shorts! Then, on Wednesday, we walked down the catwalk and showed off our amazing creations, everyone was very enthusiastic and it was loads of fun!

dt photo frame-YEAR 3

Yesterday in 3NH we designed a photo frame  for mums or dads.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Digital Leader Fonts

Our dedicated crew of digital leaders has have made their own fonts to use in class with their own handwriting. You can download and use their fonts by clicking the download link below. They made the fonts by writing every letter of the alphabet (and some emojis) then scanning in the sheet and uploading it to .

Download all the fonts from the blue link below. Once you have downloaded the font you want double click it and it will install on your computer. You will then find it in your fonts list.

YR 5 ICT work

In year 5 we have been doing things about the Victorians. We made Victorian classroom designs and then made a table to show how much things cost and use formulas to do all of the maths for us.

year 4 christmas wrapping paper/game controling

In year four we have been making christmas wrapping paper. We opened up and thought of a good christmas picture. Then we got the paint brush and started to paint. Here is one of the pictures that we created .

We have also been looking at game control 

Space pictures! - Year 6.

In ICT in year 6 we created some space pictures! We searched google for space pictures to use as our background, then we took pictures in front of a blue sheet. We opened the picture in and then put our blue screen picture on it and used the blue screen filter to make our background transparent, so it was just us! We then moved ourselves around and added our friends on.